Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Brenda Swett

Craftsmen Since 1987

What do you love most about Thos. Moser?

The family, there are such a large group of us that have been here for so many years and you truly do become a family. Being a part of that is really fun.

Brenda Swett’s heart is in building furniture. If her 30-year tenure isn’t enough indication of that, her commitment to precision and fine detail while on the workshop floor is. In our case assembly department, she is tasked with perfectly fitting drawers and crafting the fine details of pieces such as our much admired Dr. White’s Chest.

Brenda enjoys working on large case pieces because you get to focus independently on one piece for long periods of time, Dr. White’s Chest takes upward of 40 hours to craft and requires an excruciating attention to detail. Brenda describes herself as particular, but it is her appreciation for the small details that make her an ideal fit for the job. She finds great joy in seeing the end result of her work, knowing that it will live up to the customer’s expectation.

Some may be surprised to know that outside of work, Brenda actively participates in Bass fishing, volleyball and bowling. Her proudest accomplishment was earning a spot on the state Bass Fishing Team, a hobby she got involved in with her husband.