Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Aaron Moser

Drawing on nearly 30 years of professional experience, Aaron Moser heads up corporate business development for his family’s company. Employing his professional background as a chef and restaurant manager in the foodservice industry and a variety of roles in the high end sector of the furniture industry, Aaron is uniquely qualified to lead the company’s corporate business sector.

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, in 1965, he spent time with his Dad in the first workshop in New Gloucester, Maine. Like his Dad, Aaron did not pursue woodworking as his first career. Choosing instead to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Moser graduated as a certified chef in 1980. After graduation, Aaron held head chef positions in a number of prestigious restaurants, from Dallas, Texas to Portland, Maine.

Regardless of his location, the family business managed to engage him as a site representative for major furniture installations, including the Episcopal School of Dallas, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Atlantic Bell Corporate Headquarters. In 1990, Aaron decided to join the family business, creating a new division that focused on the contract sector, design consulting and special projects.

Through this new division, Aaron oversaw the expansion of the business to Japan and provided design consulting to organizations including Duke University, UCLA, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Conde Nast to name but a few.

Today, Aaron continues to manage major facilities projects for the company’s Moser Contract division while actively pursuing corporate business development opportunities. Beyond his business responsibilities, Aaron continues his education in business and management; serves as a member of the Institute of Family Owned Business at the University of Southern Maine; and sits on the Board of the Maine International Trade Center. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and boating with his family on Casco Bay. Aaron lives in Yarmouth, Maine with his wife, Lisa and their two children, Rachel and Adam.

Aaron Moser’s favorite Thos. Moser piece holds a special place in his heart, and throughout the entire Moser family:

“My grandfather, Joseph Moser, handmade a bookcase as a gift for his sister, Annie, in the 1920s. The design, which my dad, Tom, describes as an arts and crafts piece, then became his inspiration for the Windward Bookcase. With its smaller, lightweight size, the piece is one of my favorites and is sure to become the favorite of an avid reader or someone who proudly displays memorabilia. While I have a Windward Bookcase in my home adorned with family photos, I hope to someday pass along the story and family history that comes with my grandfather’s original.

Tradition, such as displaying our nativity scene on our Windward Bookcase each holiday season, plays an important part in the Moser family. One of those traditions is the use of my grandmother’s crystal during every holiday meal. Throughout the year, her crystal is carefully and proudly stored in a corner cupboard that my father made in the early 1970s. And our family has kept the tradition of singing the “Dona Nobis Pacem” every Christmas Eve alive for more than 40 years. While it’s not always pretty, we enjoy doing it and it’s a tradition that holds a special place in our hearts for my parents and my children. Which is why we are happy to share our favorite things with you in the hope that they, too, will become your favorites as well.”