Stacks of pieces of furniture.
Aaron Moser

Aaron Moser

Chairman of the Board

We were raised to be self-sufficient. The business afforded enough variety to keep us engaged as a family — meeting customers, delivering finished pieces to their homes, building things together — there was always something going on.

The projects that we undertook were exciting to us kids. We built a huge water wheel to replace the original in an old mill, refurbished an 1800’s church vestry that Dad cut into three pieces, then rebuilt with us to become the first showroom and office. And, of course, new pieces of furniture were always in some stage of development. It was fun to be a part of — being hands-on and creating things that brought family and friends together. To this day, most of our family’s best friends are ones we made through the business.

“Learning by doing. That’s how we’ve gone through life. It’s what we do every day.”