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[ Our Vita Collection evokes the past and mingles with the present. ]

a tribute to modernism

In the mid-20th century, the developed world was having a love affair with the art of the “new.” Radical technologies and manufacturing techniques were pumping out plastics and synthetics in every conceivable form. Simultaneously, a group of furniture craftsmen broke away from 20th-century industrialization, reaching back to the fine workmanship and hand techniques of previous centuries to realize their vision. Their designs were inspired by the spare, primitive elements of early cultures. These artisans were the forerunners of minimalism.

Similarly, with our Vita Collection, we have consciously evoked the past and mingled it with our own sensibilities to create something largely different. The Vita Collection pays tribute to master architect Mies van der Rohe - originator of the term "less is more" - and represents the confluence of our craftsmanship with the bold, graphic elements of modern design. Whether your taste leans more towards the traditional or the contemporary, the Vita Collection should be at home most anywhere.
Vita Bed Thos Moser
Vita Bed
Vita Chair & Ottoman Thos Moser
Vita Chair & Ottoman
Vita Credenza Thos Moser
Vita Credenza
Vita Horizontal Dressers Thos Moser
Vita Horizontal Dressers
Vita Media Cabinet, Three-Bay (custom) Thos Moser
Vita Media Cabinet, Three-Bay (custom)
Vita Media Cabinet, Two-Bay (custom) Thos Moser
Vita Media Cabinet, Two-Bay (custom)
Vita Museum Bench Thos Moser
Vita Museum Bench
Vita Occasional Tables Thos Moser
Vita Occasional Tables
Vita Two & Three Place Sofas Thos Moser
Vita Two & Three Place Sofas
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Hoops Mirrors
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