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Moser Contract is the dedicated team within Thos. Moser which services the design and architectural community focusing on the contract market.
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The company that is Thos. Moser began more than four decades ago with our very first piece of office furniture—a desk Thomas Moser himself was commissioned to build for a recently retired schoolteacher. Ever since, we have created furniture for homes, small offices, corporate boardrooms, educational environments and public spaces with a dedication to exquisite design and exceptional craftsmanship that transforms a workspace into an inspiring environment.
Mindful of the space our pieces will inhabit, our furniture designs and craftsmanship meet the highest standards for enduring function and style. The dedication our craftsmen and craftswomen put into building our furniture is unrivaled.

Start exploring the possibilities. Visit the Moser Contract website at, or contact a Moser Contract furniture specialist to discuss your project by calling 800-708-9710.
Hunt Library at North Carolina State University
Hunt Library at North Carolina State University

Getting Started
Consider are looking for the right manufacturer to design and build the right furniture for your corporate, government, hospitality, or library project. You want to work with a reputable company that understands your budget and can tailor product and pricing to your needs. And we want to work with a customer who we can share our expertise with, one who respects our belief that every project calls for creativity and flexibility without compromising quality. Sound like the start of an honest, mutual partnership?
Getting Down to Business
Although we might selectively pursue sales opportunities, we prefer not to bid for projects in the traditional sense. Instead, to ensure the most effective and efficient use of your project monies, we will partner with you in the earliest stages of renovation or new installation planning for both sales and project management support. When appropriate and necessary, our staff will collaborate with yours to help with fundraising by tailoring product designs and marketing tools around your development campaign.
Sway Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Louisville
Sway Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Louisville
Trusting our Experience
Our sales and project managers are not only skilled in project administration, we are designers and engineers who regularly practice the craft of woodworking. The advice we give our clients is rooted in our own practical, professional knowledge. Take a moment to view our narrated online Library Tour to find out about some of your colleagues who have chosen our company for their library projects. Call them and ask for their honest assessments of our work and dedication to our clients.

A Blend of High Tech and High Touch
Working closely within our woodworking vocabulary, we adapt our furniture designs to our customers' unique needs. Thos. Moser engineers rely both on the experience of the craftsmen who work a few steps away and on their own knowledge of cutting-edge engineering technology to provide customers with beautiful and functional products for their projects.
  • Combined with experience from the workbench, our CAD designers and project management team offer drawings and computer-generated life-like renderings which make your ideas come to life.
  • Years of experience working on major installations together with architects, general contractors, facility managers and interior designers.
  • Experience in translating a customer's design ideas into reality.
Tailoring Our Products
Our capabilities range from providing standard residential, office and library product, to crafting one-of-a-kind signature pieces, to large scale multi-million dollar projects.
  • Our standard furniture can be customized for your project.
  • Our custom service is often used to promote donor involvement. Customization options run from plaque insertion or logo engraving, to table and carrel design, to entire library interiors.
  • Ask us about tailoring a product line to your capital campaign. Many of our current designs evolved out of a design partnership on projects just like yours.
Penobscot Country Courthouse, Bangor, Maine
Penobscot Country Courthouse, Bangor, Maine

Seeing Your Project Through
Our sense of pride in making and signing each piece of Thos. Moser furniture leads us to believe it is also important to oversee the completion of each installation. Unless you specifically request or the schedule requires otherwise, we work with our strategic partner, Clark & Reid Moving Services, top rated in the moving industry. They handle every detail of a project's physical move with the utmost care, from the very first contact through the final accounting, easing your administrative burden. For larger projects, a team of experienced Moser installers will be onsite to ensure that your project is expertly installed to your requirements and specifications.
Maintaining Our Partnership
We offer blanket-wrapped delivery, with very little packaging waste. Also, our installers are experienced woodworkers who can train your staff in the upkeep of varnish or oil and wax finishes. Our ongoing maintenance program will be tailored to the particular expected wear and tear of your library.

Due to the rigors of heavily used libraries and other institutional and commercial environments, we simply cannot offer the same lifetime warranty as we do on furniture purchased for residential use. However, we proudly stand behind every piece of furniture that bears our name and for our contract customers we offer the following guarantee as a commitment to our work and product...
St. Timothy's School, Stevenson, Maryland
St. Timothy's School, Stevenson, Maryland
Warranty for Moser Contract
Moser Contract, a division of Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers, Inc., warrants its furniture to be in conformance with the highest standards of workmanship and material. The original purchaser is protected against defects in workmanship for a period of five years from the date of installation. In the event of any defect directly attributed to Moser Contract manufacturing processes, Moser Contract will either replace or repair the product free of charge, excluding any applicable shipping and handling charges. In no event will liability exceed the original purchase price of the product. The five year term can be negotiated on a project-by-project basis with a Thos. Moser representative, as long as any such agreement is documented and endorsed by both the purchaser and a Moser Contract representative. A copy of our complete standard Terms and Conditions are provided with every quote or upon request, should you like to review the full text.