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We have enjoyed reading the wonderful cards and letters from our customers over the years. Below is a sampling of some recent comments that we have received.

Thank you to all…please keep those cards and letters coming!

“We have the pleasure of living with functional art every day. All of the pieces we purchased are not only wonderful to look at, they are functionally and ergonomically exquisite as well. They are far from museum pieces in our home. Rather, they are part of our everyday life and are in constant use.”
—Mark N., Moorestown, NJ

“A note to say thank you again for the special attention you gave us as we made our first Moser purchases. The table will be our first and only dining table that we hope to pass on to our next generation.”
—Justine S., Boston, MA

“Every time I look at the curves and arcs of our beautiful Vita table and chairs, I relax inside.”
—Jean H., Los Angeles, CA

“Your designs have been stripped of all the superfluous. The result is both breathtaking as well as peacefully harmonious.”
—Martina E., Jay, ME

“Our dining room table is the center piece of our large living room/dining room combination. It is also our home/work/everything table. It is perfect in form, workmanship, and endurance.”
—Steve S., Boston, MA

“The beauty and quality strike me everyday. Our pieces of Moser furniture are really part and parcel of how our home feels like home and feels like ‘ours.’ The whole mood or feel or atmosphere of our apartment is set, flavored, and enriched by our furniture. The styling is elegant and simple and comfortable. I benefit every time I sit down and relax. I also benefit from the beauty they give...I guess I’m saying that Thos. Moser is good for body and soul!”
—Geoffrey W., Monroe, CT

“Every time my kids and I climb onto our Vita benches that surround my grandparent’s Mahogany table, I feel a joy in the satisfaction that we successfully matched the importance of that traditional table (in our family since the 1920s) with the functional, artistic, modern benches. They look fabulous together.”
—Jean B., New York, NY

“For us, the purchase of our Thos. Moser pieces represented the realization of a dream! We view them as future heirlooms to pass on to our daughter, and we just love the pieces as great functional art!”
—Sterling M., Thousand Oaks, CA

“Many years ago, I found your ad in the ‘New Yorker.’ I requested a catalog. My daughters and I used the catalog as a wish book, not knowing that almost 20 or so years later, my oldest daughter was so fortunate to be able to order a dining set. Last week she ordered from the Wing Collection. This all came about from an ad that caught my eye so long ago.”
—Max P., Pebble Beach, FL

“As the wood ages it becomes even more beautiful. We know they are inanimate objects but they almost seem like living things.”
—Mark N., Avenel, New Jersey

“Many people work to deliver this superlative furniture—and with names proudly attached to the pieces, I want these people to know that their success and skill is such a pleasure for me.”
—Joshua S., Everett, Washington

“We are owners of the New Gloucester Rocker. We look forward to adding to our heirloom collection as it will be at some future date, but truly it is the joy and appreciation of living with great design that ennobles our spirits even as this fine furniture enriches our daily lives.”
—James O., Armonk, NY

“We remember touring your shop back in the ’70s. I thought to myself that the work coming out was likely to be top-notch. Now that we are going into our late 80s, we still prize our Moser bedroom furniture—still top quality.”
—Stan B., Guilford, CT

“One night as I passed your beautiful showroom on Sacramento Street I paused to look. It was dark and late, but I still recall the graceful presence of your furniture. I thought to myself “Wow! That is really beautiful. Wouldn’t it be incredible to own such a piece someday?” Now we do! My husband and I saved and put off buying a ‘proper bed’ until we could get ‘something special’. We love our Pencil Post Bed. We still go back to that same San Francisco showroom to see and touch your latest creations.”
—Laura H., Windsor, CA

“The quality of pieces, too, continues to amaze me. They are wonderfully designed and perfectly made. They are a continual and constant joy to both use and behold.”
—Carla W., Monroe, CT

“Your furniture is not just comfortable, it is therapeutic.”
— Steve B., Manhattan Beach, CA

“Your furniture is heirloom quality and will be passed on for generations and will continue to be admired and appreciated for what it is long after you have walked this earth.”
— Richard T., Chicago, IL

“The quality of pieces, too, continues to amaze me. They are wonderfully designed and perfectly made. They are a continual and constant joy to both use and behold.”
— Geoffrey W., Monroe, CT

“We love our new Thos. Moser living room! It adds warmth and surprise (especially the Astral Bench) that makes it classic, yet original.”
—Gwen W., Del Mar, CA

“I don’t want to gush, but the furniture is stunning, the delivery was impeccable, it makes my beautiful house look even more beautiful, and it is heirloom quality... it will last a lifetime.”
— Gunar C., Westboro, MA