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Simplicity — in both form and function — has long been a philosophy of Thos. Moser. And when simplicity manifests into something beautiful, we know we’ve hit our mark.

Tom Moser accepted the challenge to design a stool whose overall presence is understated, is simple in form, and is truly representative of all that is Moser - from the hallmark use of turned legs and stretchers made of ash to the visible and embraced joinery via wedged through-tenons joining the legs to the cherry seat.

The Crescent High Stool uses a minimum of finely tooled shapes to achieve its airy, graceful stature. Topped with a backless, steam-bent seat, this stool can be accessed from the front, back, or either side and it tucks neatly beneath a counter when not in use. Light weight and exceptional durability make this stool suitable for everyday use.

A Curved Perch
by Tom Moser

Until 500 years ago, most humans sat on the ground or a simple stump of some sort. Chairs, particularly those that elevate the sitter, were reserved for nobility. Even today, with the human race now some seven billion strong, many people lack much in the way of seating. American families, on the other hand, own numerous chairs — I venture to say upwards of 30 in the average household including car seats, bicycle seats, dining chairs, lounge chairs, outdoor seating and, especially in the modern era, kitchen stools.

Our latest contribution is the versatile Crescent High Stool, which we hope to add to your collection. The ash legs taper to a slender terminus, attached to the seat with our signature through tenon, and offer a color contrast to the darker cherry or walnut seat. The seat itself is steam bent to fit the curvature of the human derriere. The shape of the seat is derived from a stiff sling on a child’s swing, with a radius that is scaled to offer comfort to a broad population of sitters in the kitchen, den, studio, bar, billiard room — wherever an elevated perch is required.

At Thos. Moser, we subscribe to the notion that beauty is at the core of any object that performs its task to perfection. And the Crescent High Stool — an exercise in simplicity, minimalism and function — is living proof.

Part of the Crescent Collection.
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