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Solid wood drawer dividers with dovetailed front-to-back joints provide our bedroom cases with unsurpassed interior stability and ensure accurate drawer fittings from summer to winter as the wood expands and contracts with the change of seasons.

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5-Drawer Dresser Thos Moser
5-Drawer Dresser
6-Drawer Dresser Thos Moser
6-Drawer Dresser
7-Drawer Dresser Thos Moser
7-Drawer Dresser
7-Drawer Side Chest Thos Moser
7-Drawer Side Chest
8-Drawer Side Chest Thos Moser
8-Drawer Side Chest
American Bungalow Armoire Thos Moser
American Bungalow Armoire
American Bungalow Horizontal Dresser Thos Moser
American Bungalow Horizontal Dresser
American Bungalow Tall Dressers Thos Moser
American Bungalow Tall Dressers
Blanket Box Thos Moser
Blanket Box
Captain's Chest Thos Moser
Captain's Chest
Crescent Four and Six Drawer Bureaus Thos Moser
Crescent Four and Six Drawer Bureaus
Dr. White's Chest Thos Moser
Dr. White's Chest
Edo 9-Drawer Dresser Thos Moser
Edo 9-Drawer Dresser
Ellipse Horizontal Dresser Thos Moser
Ellipse Horizontal Dresser
Ellipse Vertical Dresser Thos Moser
Ellipse Vertical Dresser
Half Chest Thos Moser
Half Chest
Shaker Five Drawer Dresser Thos Moser
Shaker Five Drawer Dresser
Small Chest Thos Moser
Small Chest
Vita Horizontal Dressers Thos Moser
Vita Horizontal Dressers
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