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As seen on This Old House.

The designers at Thos. Moser, as part of the continuum of great American craftsmanship, often strive to reference historic styles of design in ways that reflect modern life. Six years in the making, the Newport Chair is just such an example, harkening back to the Windsor form of some 200 years ago. Utilizing methods developed by the Amish for making wagon wheel spokes, our craftsmen employ these techniques in the Newport Chair to unite, as one, great beauty, extreme comfort, and lifelong pleasure.

The Windsor chair, the original inspiration and predecessor for the Newport Chair, can be found in the Redwood Library and Athenaeum in Newport, Rhode Island. Read the complete story below...

Two Hundred Years of History
Six years in the making by the time it was introduced in 2003, the Newport Chair is a worthy heir to its early-American design heritage. In 1764, the Redwood Library in Newport, Rhode Island purchased twelve low-backed Windsor chairs. For over 200 years these chairs endured, and were in daily use through the 1990's. Today, one of these chairs is on display in the Redwood Library and the other remaining five are housed in the library's vault. The simple yet sturdy form of these classic chairs inspired our own 21st-century edition. A refined workhorse of a chair-able to support 10-15 times its weight, it will happily endure the rigors of everyday life, growing more beautiful over time.

The Newport Chair and one of the original twelve chairs at the Redwood Library in Newport, Rhode Island after over two centuries of use.

Click to learn more about designer David Moser As Tom Moserís fourth and youngest son, David Moser grew up in and around the shop. Heís done everything from sweeping up when he was a young boy, to coordinating showroom openings and working in marketing during his career. Now David has become an award-winning furniture designer in his own right. Although principally designed by his father, the Newport Chair remains one of Davidís favorite pieces that we make. In this video, David explains some of the things that make this such a special and enduring piece, from both the design and construction perspective...

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