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Brenda's Favorite
Brenda Swett has built a lot Thos. Moser designs over the years, but one her of all-time favorites is Dr. White's Chest:

"The combination of detailed joinery, including the dovetail drawers, makes it a unique and special piece for me to make. When finished and then oiled and waxed, its a stunning piece that becomes a family heirloom that will last for generations and can be used to store family treasures. And the secret compartment is a unique addition to that piece.

While it is a lengthy process to construct Dr. Whites Chest, it is my favorite and is fun to make. When I am building it, dovetailing drawers and fitting doors, I always wonder who is receiving the chest, what it will be used for and where it will end up what its life story will be. Will it be given to as a gift from a husband to his new wife, celebrating their first Christmas together? Or perhaps I am making the chest for new parents to store their childs keepsakes?

For me, heirloom furniture plays an important role in my family. From the family gathering around the Round Extension Table I built to share Thanksgiving dinner, to the corner cupboard that I inherited from my mother and stores my special holiday serving dishes; to the carrying on the tradition of my father-in-law who had a little stool that the grandkids would sit on as they opened their gifts by having our own grandkids sit on a Lolling Ottoman to open their presents, one at a time. Traditions are an important part of our family during the holidays.

Brenda's Story
Brenda Swett recently joined the ranks of Moser cabinetmakers who have spent more than twenty years working here, twenty-five to be exact. What many people dont know is that Brenda is a professional bass-fisherwoman in her spare time. She also finds time to play in volleyball and bowling leagues, is an avid golfer and has a green thumb in the garden.

Her energy is infectious and her impeccable attention to detail makes Brenda a perfect candidate for building case pieces, many that fill our customers homes. That eye for detail could also be from her previous job as a bread inspector for Country Kitchen Bakery nothing gets past her keen eyes!

Brenda finds great satisfaction in seeing the end result of each piece of furniture she builds. She has made a collection of pieces for her own home as well over the years, but her favorites are the New Gloucester Rocker, Dr. White's Chest and anything from the Crescent collection.