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Best of Year WinnerThe Cumberland Dining Table has been named "Best of Year" for 2014 by Interior Design magazine. Click Here for details.

The latest addition to the Moser portfolio, the Cumberland Collection embodies our enduring commitment to simplicity. Though inspired by Danish Modern forms, this collection has its own perspective and is a uniquely artistic interpretation of its historical antecedents.


Just as the Shaker style served as an appropriate creative spark in many classic Moser pieces, Danish Modern acts here as a vehicle, identified and chosen because of its compatible philosophies, such as; a foremost dedication to quality, a dedication to functionally driven objects, formal simplicity, the characteristic elimination of ornament, use and celebration of traditional materials, and an emphasis on craftsmanship. These characteristics are not only compatible, but exemplary of what the Thos. Moser brand has come to stand for, and this collection is yet another iteration of Moser quality.

As design at Thos. Moser evolves, additional perspectives are being embraced. While the commitment remains to the hallmark design ideals as established and exemplified by the philosophy and design of Tom Moser, and subsequently by David Moser, the aesthetic bandwidth will be broadened through the lenses of new designers. Partnering with designers whose approaches are compatible with that of the Thos. Moser brand, but who freely interpret the ideals, will yield a progressive aesthetic, while respecting and acknowledging the company's design constitution.

Cumberland, designed by Adam Rogers, represents this recent foray. As Director of Design at Thos. Moser, Adam is responsible for advancing the design-partnership strategy while balancing outside efforts with internal design ownership to ensure that the aesthetic progress is an evolution rather than a change.

For the collection bearing the name of the town of his current residence, Adam employed his characteristic minimal aesthetic, focusing an overall emphasis on the details which act as evidence of the making process and mark of the maker in this case the hallmark detail being the finger joint, serving to amplify the precision craftsmanship while visually uniting each piece in the collection.

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Cumberland Dining Chair Thos Moser
Cumberland Dining Chair
Cumberland Dining Table Thos Moser
Cumberland Dining Table
Cumberland Sideboard Thos Moser
Cumberland Sideboard
Cumberland Stool Thos Moser
Cumberland Stool
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