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5-Drawer Dresser
6-Drawer Dresser
7-Drawer Dresser
7-Drawer Side Chest
8-Drawer Side Chest
American Bungalow Armoire
American Bungalow Bed
American Bungalow Coffee Table
American Bungalow Dining Chair
American Bungalow Dining Sideboard
American Bungalow Dining Table
American Bungalow Double Square Extension Table
American Bungalow Filing Cabinet
American Bungalow Hall Table
American Bungalow Horizontal Dresser
American Bungalow Lounge Chair & Ottoman
American Bungalow Media Cabinet (custom)
American Bungalow Mirror
American Bungalow Nightstand with Drawer
American Bungalow Nightstand with Drawer & Shelf
American Bungalow Nightstand with Three Drawers
American Bungalow Open Sideboard
American Bungalow Round Extension Table
American Bungalow Round Stand
American Bungalow Side Table
American Bungalow Square Extension Table
American Bungalow Tall Dressers
American Bungalow Three Place Sofa
American Bungalow Two Place Sofa
American Bungalow Writing Desk
Aria Chair
Aria Sideboard
Aria Stool
Aria Writing Desk
Astral Bench
Atlantic Chair
Atlantic Extension Table
Auburn Chair
Auburn Stool
Auburn Stools in Cherry
Auburn Stools, Walnut
Auburn: Custom Executive Desk
Beacon Box
Beacon Box in Cherry
Beacon Box, Walnut
Blanket Box
Blanket Box
Boat Top Table
Boat Top Table, Small in Cherry
Boston: American Bungalow Bed, Queen in Walnut
Boston: Aria Round Dining Table in Walnut
Boston: Aria Side Chair in Walnut w/ Pollack 4162/04 (Color in Fog Fabric)
Boston: Hartford Coffee Table in White Oak
Boston: Meridian Chair in Walnut
Boston: Meridian Stool 25" seat in Cherry
Boston: Portland Chair in Cherry
Bow Back Stool 25" Seat Height, Cherry
Bowback Chair
Bowback Stool
Bowfront Glove Table
Bowfront Sideboard
Bremen Table
Captain's Chest
Catena Chair
Chaise, Cherry w/ Black Leather and 2" Longer Pillow Strap
Coal Shovel Stool
Continuous Arm Bench
Cooper Chair
Crescent End Table
Crescent Foot Stool
Crescent Foot Stool, Cherry
Crescent Foot Stool, Walnut
Crescent Four and Six Drawer Bureaus
Crescent High Stool
Crescent High Stool's in Cherry & Ash
Crescent High Stool's in Walnut & Ash
Crescent Sideboard
Crescent Sideboard in Cherry w/ 6 Legs
Crescent Sofa Table w/ Drawer
Cumberland Dining Chair
Cumberland Dining Table
Cumberland Sideboard
Cumberland Sideboard, Dark Walnut
Cumberland Sideboard, Walnut
Cumberland Stool
Cumberland Stool's in Cherry
Cumberland Stool's in Walnut
Custom American Bungalow 3-Drawer Media Case w/ Doors
Custom American Bungalow Media Cabinet
Custom American Bungalow Vertical Credenza
Custom Ellipse Sideboard
Custom Game Table
Custom Georgetown Pedestal Table
Custom Headmasters Desk
Custom Media Case
Custom Trestle Table
Custom Vita Media Cabinet, Three Bay
Custom Vita Media Cabinet, Two Bay
Custom Wine Rack
DC: Element Credenza, 4 Drawer in Walnut
DC: Element Desk, Medium in Walnut
DC: Foreside Mirror in White Oak, Crest on Left
Deacon's Bench
Desk Clock
Dr. White's Chest
Dr. White's Chest
Drift Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Walnut w/ Riverside 1040 (light putty color leather)
Drift Lounge Chairs & Ottomans, Walnut w/ Pollack 4162/04 (fog gray color fabric) -Qty. 2
Drift Reclining Chair & Ottoman
Eastward Bench
Eastward Bench
Eastward Chair
Eastward Stool
Eastward Stools,Cherry, 27" seat height-Qty. 10
Edo 9-Drawer Dresser
Edo Bench
Edo Cantilever Side Table
Edo Cantilever Side Table
Edo Dining Chair
Edo Open Sideboard
Edo Platform Bed
Edo Sideboard w/ Doors
Edo Stool
Edo Stool 27" Seat Height, Cherry
Edo Stool 27" Seat Height, Walnut
Edo Studio Chair
Edo Trestle Dining Table, Medium in Walnut
Edo Trestle Table
Eight Leg Writing Desk
Element Bookcase
Element Bookcase
Element Credenza
Element Desk
Ellipse Bed
Ellipse Dining Chair
Ellipse Dining Table
Ellipse End Table
Ellipse Horizontal Dresser
Ellipse Lounge Chair & Ottoman
Ellipse Side Table
Ellipse Side Table w/ Drawer
Ellipse Side Table w/ Drawer & Shelf
Ellipse Side Table w/ Drawer & Shelf, Walnut
Ellipse Sideboard
Ellipse Sideboard with Drawers & Doors
Ellipse Sideboard with Drawers & Doors
Ellipse Two & Three Place Sofas
Ellipse Vertical Dresser
Executive Credenza
Executive Desk
Fahmida Chair
File Cabinet - Four Drawer Lateral
File Cabinet - Four Drawer Vertical
File Cabinet - Two Drawer Lateral
Fireside Bench
Foreside Bed
Foreside Mirror
Four Leg Writing Desk
Freeport: Hartford Coffee Table in White Oak
Georgetown Double Pedestal Extension Table
Georgetown Occasional Table
Georgetown Single Pedestal Extension Table
Gift Announcement
Hall Table
Hancock Chair
Hancock Table
Harpswell Chair
Harpswell Chair with Back
Harpswell Stool
Hartford Coffee Table
Hartford Dresser
Hartford Lounge Chair
Hartford Lounge Chairs, White Oak w/ Kittyhawk 2448 (brown leather) -Qty. 2
Hartford Media Case
Hartford Side Table
Hartford Side Table, White Oak
Hartford Sofa
Harvest Table
Hawthorne Chair
High Stool
High Stool 27" Seat in Cherry
High Stool w/ 18" Seat Height, Cherry
High Stools in Walnut
Hoops Mirrors
Hoops Mirrors
Lectern Desk
Lolling Chair & Ottoman
Lolling Coffee Table
Lolling Occasional Tables
Lolling Side Table
Long Bookcase
Long Bookcase
New Century China Bed
New Century Nightstand
New Gloucester Rocker
New Gloucester Rocker in Cherry
New Gloucester Rocker, Walnut
New York: Cooper Chair (low back) No Arms w/ Glides in Walnut
New York: Cooper Chair (low) w/ wheels, arms in Walnut
New York: Element Desk, Medium in Walnut
New York: Hartford Media Case in White Oak
New York: Hartford Sofa in White Oak w/ Kittyhawk 2671 (Rust Brown Leather)
New York: Wing Chair & Ottoman in Cherry w/ Pollack 4159/06 (Sedona, Color: Storm Cloud)
Newport Chair
Newport Dining Chair in Cherry
Newport Swivel Chair
Newport Swivel Chair in Walnut
Outlet: Aria Side Chair, Walnut w/ Riverside 7196 (Cream Leather) Qty 2
Outlet: Aria Stool 27" Seat Height, Cherry w/ Masquerade 0500 (Black Leather)
Outlet: Aria Stool 27" Seat Height, Cherry w/ Masquerade 4084 (Burgundy Leather)
Outlet: Auburn Stool, Cherry w/ 25" Seat Height
Outlet: Bungalow Arm Chairs w/ Black Leather
Outlet: Chaise in Cherry w/ Riverside 7037 (Green Leather)
Outlet: Coal Shovel Stool 25" Seat in Ebonized Ash
Outlet: Coal Shovel Stool, 31" Seat Height
Outlet: Crescent 6 Drawer Bureau in Oak
Outlet: Cumberland Dining Tables, Walnut (Qty 2)
Outlet: Cumberland Stool 25" Seat Height, Cherry (Qty 4)
Outlet: Cumberland Stool 31" Seat (Qty. 1)
Outlet: Custom American Bungalow Media Case in Cherry
Outlet: Custom Edo Trestle Table 38W x 48L in Cherry
Outlet: Custom Georgetown Double Pedestal -SOLID TOP- MAPLE Table
Outlet: Custom Harpswell Chairs, Cherry wood w/ Riverside 0500 (black leather)
Outlet: Custom Podium in Maple
Outlet: Custom Reader's Side Chair -Wood Seat, Cherry
Outlet: Custom Sequel Table, Cherry
Outlet: Eastward Arm Chair, Walnut
Outlet: Edo Trestle Dining Table, Medium w/ Custom Width (42") in Cherry
Outlet: Edo Trestle Dining Table, Small in Walnut
Outlet: Element Credenza's, Walnut (1 with Base & 1 without base)
Outlet: Element Desk, Medium in Cherry
Outlet: Element Dining Table, Large (44x96) in Walnut
Outlet: Ellipse Lounge Chair (Maple Wood) w/ Riverside 0500 (Black Leather)
Outlet: Ellipse Sideboard w/ 4 Drawers, Walnut
Outlet: Ellipse Sideboard w/ Pullout Stops, Cherry
Outlet: Ellipse Stool 27" Seat
Outlet: Ellipse Stool 31" Seat
Outlet: Foreside Bed Queen in White Oak
Outlet: Harpswell Side Chair (open back) Walnut w/ Knoll K162/21 (Qty. 2)
Outlet: Harpswell Side Chair, Cherry w/ Kittyhawk 2815 (Tan Leather)
Outlet: Hartford Sofa, Walnut w/ Riverside 0500 (Black Leather) Qty. 2
Outlet: Large Edo Trestle Dining Table in Cherry - Signed by Tom Moser
Outlet: New Century China Bed - King
Outlet: Pasadena Side Chair, Walnut
Outlet: Rockport Dining Table (42X72) in Cherry
Outlet: Sofia Lounge Chair, Cherry w/ Masquerade 3621 (Beige Color Leather)
Oval Extension Table
Oval Ring Coffee Table
Oval Ring Extension Table with Eight Legs
Oval Ring Extension Table with Four Legs
Pasadena Dining Chair
Pasadena Dining Table
Pasadena Hall Table
Pasadena Rocker
Pedestal Extension Table
Pencil Post Bed
Philadelphia: Edo Sideboard w/ Doors in Walnut
Philadelphia: Foreside Mirror in White Oak, Crest on Left
Philadelphia: Hartford Coffee Table in White Oak
Philadelphia: Hartford Media Case in White Oak
Portland Chair
Radius Desk
Reception Desk
Rectangular Dining Table
Rectangular End Table
Rectangular Table Desk
Regent Swivel Chair
Rockport Dining Chair
Rockport Dining Table Rectangle
Rockport Dining Table Square
Round Extension Table
Round Ring Coffee Table
Round Ring Extension Table
Round Vault Table, Cherry
San Francisco: Foreside Mirror in White Oak, Crest on Left
San Francisco: Hartford Media Case in White Oak
San Francisco: Wing Chair & Ottoman in Walnut w/ Kittyhawk 3621 (Ivory Leather)
San Francisco: Wing Three Place Sofa in Walnut w/ Knoll Luxe K1211/6 (Camel & Ivory)
Sequel Chair
Sequel Table
Sequel Table, Cherry
Shaker Round Stand
Shaker Round Stand
Shaker Round Stand
Shaker Square Table
Slant Top Desk
Slant Top Desk W/ Wire Management Hole
Sleigh Bed with Curved Footboard
Sleigh Bed with Low Footboard
Sofia Lounge Chair
Sofia Studio Couch
Sofia Three Place Sofa
Sofia Two Place Sofa
Square End Table
Stacks Boxes in Walnut and Cherry
Table Minimus
Table Minimus
Tall & Vertical Bookcases
Tall and Vertical Bookcases
Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair
Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair - Child Size
Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair Rocker
Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair Rocker - Child Size
Thos. Moser Gift Certificates
Thos. Moser: Legacy in Wood (book)
Tom's American Flag
Trestle Table
Vault Table
Vita Bed
Vita Chair & Ottoman
Vita Chair & Ottoman
Vita Credenza
Vita Horizontal Dressers
Vita Media Cabinet, Three-Bay (custom)
Vita Media Cabinet, Two-Bay (custom)
Vita Museum Bench
Vita Occasional Tables
Vita Two & Three Place Sofas
Wall Clock
Wall Mirror
Wall Mirror
Windward Bookcase
Windward Bookcase
Windward Huntboard
Windward Lounge Chair
Windward Three Place Sofa
Windward Two Place Sofa
Wing Chair & Ottoman
Wing End Table
Wing Hall Table
Wing Occasional Table
Wing Round Coffee Table w/Glass Top
Wing Three Place Sofa
Wing Two Place Settee