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Sofia Sofa – Three Place

$8,900.00 - $10,235.00

While many of our pieces are designed after traditional movements, eras or the work of famed artisans, the Sofia Three Place Sofa finds its inspiration in the complex pendentive joints used to support the massive dome at Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia. While considerably smaller in scale, the chair uses these intricate works of joinery at each corner to provide exceptional strength – and a dramatic aesthetic.

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Product Information

SKU CWS [n/a]

32″H x 31″W x 82″L


Cherry, Walnut


Knoll Rivington K1080/3, Knoll Rivington K1080/7, Knoll Rivington K1080/9, Knoll Rivington K1080/10, Riverside 0500, Riverside 1180, Riverside 1610, Riverside 2675, Riverside 9500


Tom Moser

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As in the ancient basilica, the Sofia Three Place Sofa’s pendentive joints channel lateral forces, directing the weight of the sofa and its occupant down, while preserving its uncompromising structural integrity. The eye is drawn along the swirling cherry or walnut patterns of its side panels to the darker, tapered corner joint framed between.

Ideal for any lounge, living room or sitting area, the Sofia Three Place Sofa employs an upholstered, generously padded seat for comfort. The cushions can be covered in soft-grain leather or fabric, creating a vivid contrast with its hardwood panels that conjures traditional British Men’s Club chairs from the colonial era.