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Rockport Chair

$1,700.00 - $1,955.00

To achieve the airiness of the Rockport Chair’s elemental form, we relied on everything we learned as designers and craftsmen and then developed new techniques to achieve our objective. Each piece celebrates the inherent beauty of wood and explores the line between art and function. Crafted in sustainably harvested North American hardwood, this chair shows appreciation for both eastern craftsmanship and American joinery. Made with purpose in mind, the Rockport Chair demonstrates that utility places no limits on beauty.

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Product Information

SKU R-DC [n/a]

32″H x 19″W x 23″L


Cherry, Walnut


David Moser

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When there are no constraints on mass or aesthetics, it’s simple to construct durable wooden furniture. But true craft lies in achieving durability without sacrificing lightness and grace. The Rockport Chair arrives at that balance by being both delicate and uncompromisingly durable. Its seamless, minimalist form celebrates the purity of wood, the artistry of fine design and the accumulated skill of master craftsmen.

The Rockport Chair is part of our Rockport Collection which exemplifies our efforts to raise the bar and challenge the limits of craftsmanship; to explore what is possible in woodworking, and from wood as a material. What is today experimental, while fundamentally sound, may tomorrow be traditional.

The joinery in the Rockport Chair consists of a double compound miter with a floating tenon at the front legs, fasteners and our once experimental, but now traditional, knee at the back legs, and tried and true mortise and tenon joints at the crest to back leg joints.

While designed to live within the context of its namesake collection, the Rockport Chair works well with most any table and sideboard in our portfolio. And like all our pieces, this chair will welcome occupants today – and for a very long time to come.