American Bungalow Side Chair

$1,775.00 - $2,125.00

The American Bungalow Side Chair is an adaptation of traditional Arts and Crafts forms popularized during the early 20th century. Leveraging the warmth and comfort of that period’s Bungalow homes, the style brought affordable craftsmanship to middle-class America. In its embrace of the Arts and Crafts movement, our American Bungalow Side Chair is at once substantial and graceful, featuring a combination of straight lines that leverage both the structure and its surroundings.

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41″H x 21″W x 21″L


Cherry, Walnut


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David Moser/Tom Moser

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Crafted with a gradual reverse tapering of the front legs, this chair shows weight at its base, while climbing gracefully to the heights of its seat. The slight taper is echoed in the back design, which resembles a Wright-style stained-glass window. The chair is secured by durable mortise-and-tenon joints that are glued and pinned to ensure a secure fit for generations of use.