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The joint at the corner of the Sofia Lounge Chair tells a story of persistence. Based on an ingenious design employed more than 1,500 years ago in Constantinople, the triangular joint – a “pedentive” – was devised at the behest of Emperor Justinian to cradle the massive circular dome of the Hagia Sophia Church, high above its square foundation.

But what’s once been done is often difficult to repeat. That’s where skill, vision and persistence are indispensable. Over the course of a year and countless prototypes, we perfected the joint that now graces the back corners on the Sofia Lounge Chair, Three Place Sofa and Two Place Sofa.

At first glance, the Sofia Collection’s most prominent design cue is its curvature, bringing grace and motion to arrestingly solid, hand-finished arms and backs. Joined flush at the rear sloping halves of each back leg, Sofia’s precision is captivating. Its strength matches its beauty, with leg members mortised to hold tenoned panel joints. Panels are fitted into grooves in the frames, allowing for seasonal climate shifts without warping or cracking.

The Sofia Collection is the height of functional art and introduces an heirloom to your living room that will be put to use for generations.