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The Rockport Collection achieves strength without sacrificing grace to produce custom hardwood furniture that’s both delicate and enduring. Rockport’s seamless, minimalist forms celebrate the purity of wood, the artistry of fine design and the accumulated skill of master craftspeople.

To achieve the airiness of Rockport’s elemental forms, we relied on everything we learned as designers and craftspeople, and then developed new techniques to achieve our objective: a form that allows no room to hide.

This collection challenges and raises the bar for the limits of craftsmanship, exploring what is possible in woodworking while leveraging the form and strength of wood. Discovery and innovation stem from exploration – and today’s experiments could well evolve into tomorrow’s tradition.

The joinery in the Rockport Collection is demonstrated with beauty in the Rockport Chair. Beginning at the front leg with a double compound miter and a floating tenon, its innovation continues to the knee at the back legs, which leverage the traditional strength and form of mortise-and-tenon joints to join the crest and rear risers.

This quality wood furniture collection also includes both Square and Rectangular Dining Tables. The pieces work beautifully as an ensemble, and with most other styles in our portfolio.