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As craftspeople, our resources are limited only to our imaginations. And while it’s tempting to let the imagination run wild, we’re often captivated by a new vision for the tried and true in pursuit of something entirely new. The Foreside Collection is the result of such an exploration.

Foreside leverages the appeal of spindles, which invite the use of new materials, fresh design, and innovative craftsmanship. Originating with the strikingly simple Foreside Bed, this custom hardwood furniture collection integrates slender, tensioned vertical spindles with stack laminated bows that combine the power of beauty and strength in a light, minimalist form.

In both the bed and the mirror, we secure through tenons atop each tapered exterior spindle with an exposed wooden pin, relying on visible joinery to imply the construction’s inherent strength. Bows are bent as they’re laminated, then finished to achieve rounded perfection, secured beautifully to interior spindles.

The mirror, a more recent entry to the Foreside Collection, borrows cues from the bed, with vertical spindles through-tenoned and pinned at both top and bottom. The top bow extends beyond the width of the mirror, providing a convenient hanger for tomorrow’s outfit, or the bathrobe that’s waiting when you’re ready to wind down.