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On a ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia, a metal-and-plastic cafeteria chair caught Tom Moser’s attention. The style lodged in his mind, resting dormant until it demanded further exploration. Over the course of multiple iterations, Tom honed his vision, ultimately producing the unique handmade furniture that became the Auburn Chair and the Auburn Stool to form the Auburn Collection.

Named after the longtime hometown of the Thos. Moser workshop, the chair’s design focused on its back, which incorporated an anticlastic curve, contoured to support the lumbar in two directions at once. Tom Moser said “I believe I have achieved my most comfortable solid chair yet. I leave it to my customers to be the judges.”

The solid, sculpted chair back flows gracefully along a set of traditionally joined, curved legs that suggest the energy of captured motion. The result is exceptionally comfortable, making the Auburn Collection’s chair and stool ideal for long, satisfying meals with friends and family.

Whether positioned around a table or at a breakfast bar, the Auburn Collection brings exceptional comfort and an heirloom finish to any dining space.