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When designing bedroom furniture we keep utility foremost in mind while also aiming to create a piece that will delight the eye and withstand the rigors of daily use. Our versatile, heirloom-quality bedroom pieces will serve you and your space, day in and day out.

Bedroom Cases


  • Edo Platform Bed
    32"H x 100"W x 96"L
    Cherry $6900 $6210
    Walnut $8275 $7448
  • Studio Bed in Walnut
    Studio Bed
    39"H x 85" L x 65"W
    Cherry $3900 $3510
    Walnut $4675 $4208
  • Vita Bed
    37"H x 68"W x 94"L
    Cherry $6500 $5850
    Walnut $7800 $7020

Occasional Tables

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