Make a moment last a lifetime

When it’s time to celebrate someone in your life – choose a gift with meaning. Something made by hand, borne of artistry, invention, purity of form and function and a dedication to the principles of craft. Something fine, something unforgettable, something crafted to last a lifetime.

I find myself when I’m home feeling the chair, and watching the wood age and watching it get darker as the days go by.

Dave Ginsberg

Inspiration. Artistry. Craft. Design.

Each day, our craftspeople celebrate the work of those who came before while carrying forward the Thos. Moser principles of craft: graceful, unadorned lines, masterful joinery, and purity of form and function. Our pieces are designed to be of use—to be comfortable, to be strong, to invite and inspire, and to possess a beauty that only deepens with time. We make and sell timeless American furniture. This is our calling, our joy, and what we sign our names to. Our love for craft lives in the pieces themselves, and lends them an energy and vitality that will resonate for generations to come.