What started as a special edition has become a time-honored classic from Thos. Moser. Five years ago, new creation and design were inspired by a photograph, and a gentle nudge from a friend. The initial flag, harnessing the spirit of American ingenuity, coupled with Yankee frugalness, and pride was built from scraps of cherry, walnut, and maple pulled from the toss bin. This would create the framework for what would become an iconic piece. Each flag now goes through the same masterfully attuned precision and is made of the same premium wood as our furniture. It begins with form. Through careful selection of the wood, precision cutting, gluing, scraping, sanding, and finishing these flags tell the story of a life well-crafted.

Every flag is as individual as the person they are going to, and the home in which they will be proudly displayed. The deep tones that run through the walnut to a stripe that includes a piece of highly figured maple make each one a stunning, one-of-a-kind, piece of art.
The 50 maple stars, 5-facets joined in unity and thoughtfully laid on a backdrop of rich walnut, many elicit a memory of time spent in the state it represents. Illinois, where Tom was born in 1935 and where he met his high school sweetheart and wife, Mary. New York, a state where he would begin his formal education at SUNY Geneseo, as a speech education major, marry his beloved, and they would build their first home together. Tom describes, “on that fateful day in 1958, a truck disgorged a pile of lumber on our little lot, and with nothing more than a saber saw and a smattering of hand tools, our house was habitable some 80 days later.” A star for the southern states of Georgia and South Carolina, where he learned how to hambone with the boys, and one for the four years he spent of his military service in Alaska. Adding stars for the magnificent states that house our showrooms. From California to Massachusetts, New York, and Maine.

Maine, Tom says, ”Maine has been very good to us. We bought our first house in 1967. The simplicity of that 1782 farmhouse on Cobb’s Hill Road in New Gloucester has inspired much of the design aesthetic in our furniture. It would be that house that kept the business afloat during its humble beginnings in the 1970s when we had to sell it. Just down the street, in the old Grange Hall is where Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers would be born, and some years later we would purchase an old church vestry, chainsaw it into four sections, and move it next to the grange hall; this would become our first official showroom. Maine is where our children grew up, and our grandchildren have grown up. It’s a place we call home. Since those early days, the business has grown to amounts that even I could not fathom. From my first formal employee, Ed Boyker in 1974, to the over 100 employees we have working for us now; when people think of Thos. Moser furniture it is synonymous with Maine, and I’m very honored by that.”

“I could not, and cannot to this day, imagine a life in which I am not creating objects in 3-dimension. This urge runs deep in my bones, and for better or worse, I define myself by my output. The unexamined life may or may not be worth living, but for me, life without a project is a shallow experience.”-Tom Moser

These days, one can find Tom pulling into the parking lot of our Auburn shop around 10 am to work on his signature interpretation of the American Flag.  His same gentle touch, keen eye for detail, and firecracker of a spirit remain the lifeblood of this American-made business.