Product Developer Since 1992

What is your favorite piece of Thos. Moser furniture?

The Slant Top Desk for a few reasons; as a builder it encompasses a lot of disciplines, I love the simple aesthetic and it’s functionality – you can put it in your living room and fold it down to work all day and then at the end of the day, you can fold it closed and you have a beautiful piece of furniture to look at.

Warren Shaw plays an integral role as our product developer. Every new design, custom piece or project goes through his thoughtful hand for a prototype before moving to the production floor. His knowledge of the manufacturing process and understanding of the brand help him to create solutions in alignment with every brand, product and production parameter.

He loves the satisfaction, challenge, and enjoyment that his job provides. “It’s an intellectual challenge with engaging the mind and the hands at the same time, especially in prototyping,” he says. Warren began at Thos. Moser after a career change led him to building. He initially thought he would like to build buildings, but after taking a cabinet making class he discovered a love for the fine details and the very small margin of error that required you to be precise and exact. He explains, “I love the challenge of the detail because, with the details of our furniture, there is no margin for error, you have to be just right.”

Warren’s greatest value in life is to be a good husband and father; he says, “I want my kids to grow up to contribute and to be healthy and whole.” When not at work, Warren loves to work on his 15 acres of property with his family. Together they operate the non-profit, At a Bend in the Road located on their farm. The organization aims to provide Occupational Therapy, Counseling, Educational Supports, and a Horsemanship Program to provide healing for adoptive, foster and kinship families.

For more details on At a Bend in the Road, visit their website here.

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