Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Tina Parent

Craftsman Since 1996

What is your favorite piece of Thos. Moser furniture?

The Harvest Table, I have my own that I pair with ladder back chairs that have a rush seat. I took a class to learn how to rush so I could make the seats myself.

Over twenty years ago, a love of refinishing old furniture brought Tina to our workshop. “I liked to get old pieces and refinish them and bring them back to life, so when the manufacturing company that I was previously working at closed its doors, an agency connected me with Thos. Moser,” she explains.

Years later, Tina still takes great pride in every piece of furniture she completes. After beginning her career with a focus in finishing, Tina now spends her days crafting chairs. “The most challenging part is the amount of sculpting it takes to get each piece just right,” says Tina, “I think the Pasadena chair may be one of the toughest ones for me personally because of all the fluid lines and shaping.” The challenge is what makes the finished piece so gratifying.

Tina loves to be creative, whether at work or at home. She can often be found spending time in her gardens, scrapbooking or spending time with her 10 grandchildren.