Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Glenys Sayward

Customer Care Center Sales Manager Since 1991

What is your favorite part about working at Thos. Moser?

I think it is the interaction with customers and the relationships that grow over time, and having a beautiful product to sell that is an expression of the care and talent of the people I work with.

Glenys started her career at Thos. Moser as the showroom manager in our now closed Portland, Maine showroom. She has a B.A. in Art History and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education. Her mixed interest in people, art and business has allowed her to prosper in her current role as the Sales Manager for our Customer Care Center. The combination of design and sales keeps her job interesting and refreshing.

After many years of working at Thos. Moser, her favorite piece has become the Continuous Arm Chair. She says “I have them in my home and I have so many pictures of my family in them over the last 20 years; my mom, my son. They fit everyone and they age gracefully.”

If she wasn’t working at Thos. Moser, Glenys would love the opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur on her own and apply her skill set to running her own café. “I would sell optimism. I would hang my husband’s art on the walls and the employees would wear bright colors. I would sell flowers and simple foods and the menu would be clever and witty like half full, full, and extra full for sizes.”