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[ When we embrace tradition, we do so because it works. So while our Castine collection demonstrates our capacity for design innovation, the details remain the same. ]


In the past, each new Thos. Moser collection has alluded to at least one historical antecedent – a movement, era or tradition we admire. Without mimicry, we selectively embrace subtle design and construction cues and integrate them with our own.

The Castine Collection, however, represents a departure. While it manifests our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality, its design is organic. Each piece incorporates gently cascading lines. Profiles ease from top to bottom, with uninterrupted lines that suggest motion and energy, bringing quiet life to interior spaces – without overwhelming surrounding décor.

From the subtle lines of Castine dining chairs and dining tables to the sideboard’s simple functionality, each piece in the collection suggests both lightness and strength. Ideal for compact quarters, light passes through these designs freely – bringing a sense of space even in places where space is decidedly limited. And like every collection we make, Castine is designed and crafted to withstand the test of time – and provide generations of continuous use.

Castine Dining Chair Thos Moser
Castine Dining Chair
Castine Dining Table Thos Moser
Castine Dining Table
Castine Round Dining Table Thos Moser
Castine Round Dining Table
Castine Sideboard Thos Moser
Castine Sideboard
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