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[ We don’t believe there are any limits to creativity or boxes in which our talents should reside. ]


Upon close examination, you’ll see that the Aria Collection has much in common with the soft patterns etched by the sea on a sandy shore: gentle ridges and undulating crescents that tease the eye with familiarity—perfect companion pieces for any furniture with a more rectilinear form.

The shell-like back of the Aria Chair is methodically crafted with carved convex and concave curves. Unlike stacked and laminated furniture, the entire surface is seamless to the touch. The Aria Dining Table is charactertized by its curved, rolled edges and luxurious grain-matched surface, while curved legs and gentle angles echo the softer, refined lines of its companion pieces.

From any vantage point, the Aria Collection is an ode to the subtle and delicate refinement that can be coaxed from a block of wood. Fine craftsmanship at this level is a time consuming endeavor, and if you don’t love the process, you're in trouble. Luckily, we love what we do—which means innovation is never far behind.
Aria Chair Thos Moser
Aria Chair
Aria Sideboard Thos Moser
Aria Sideboard
Aria Stool Thos Moser
Aria Stool
Aria Writing Desk Thos Moser
Aria Writing Desk
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