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[ A confluence of craftsmanship with the graphic elements of modern design. ]

simplicity holds no conceit

With a distinct nod to the East, the Edo Collection marks the rejuvenation of primitive forms. Open lines and simple shapes belie the deliberateness of the furniture’s design—much like the master designer, nature. The collection is both modern and ageless, effectively bringing the outdoors in to create a harmonious flow between nature and craft.

The Edo period in Japan lasted more than 250 years, between 1601 and 1867 AD. It was a peaceable and stable time; a time when samurais laid down their weapons and began educating themselves in philosophy and art. It was an era when the practical merged with the esoteric. The pieces on this page might have been as at home on the set of The Last Samurai or Memoirs of a Geisha as they are in a contemporary living space.

Drawing upon his own studies, David Moser found inspiration in the diverse influences of Edo and the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, Scandinavian and Shaker design, George Nakashima, and our own American Bungalow collection. He then brought his imagination to bear on the untamed nature of wood. The result is the Edo collection—unique, understated, and undeniably Thos. Moser.

A master craftsman makes complicated work appear effortless. The quality of our furniture derives from simple, organic, and undeniable truths. When you come across objects possessing this quality, you know it instinctively. It is what we strive for in all of our work at Thos. Moser, and what we hope we’ve achieved with the Edo collection.
Edo 9-Drawer Dresser Thos Moser
Edo 9-Drawer Dresser
Edo Bench Thos Moser
Edo Bench
Edo Cantilever Side Table Thos Moser
Edo Cantilever Side Table
Edo Dining Chair Thos Moser
Edo Dining Chair
Edo Open Sideboard Thos Moser
Edo Open Sideboard
Edo Platform Bed Thos Moser
Edo Platform Bed
Edo Sideboard w/ Doors Thos Moser
Edo Sideboard w/ Doors
Edo Stool Thos Moser
Edo Stool
Edo Studio Chair Thos Moser
Edo Studio Chair
Edo Trestle Table Thos Moser
Edo Trestle Table
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