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"My debt is to the craftsmen who make our furniture, they are Thos. Moser. Not me, them." - Tom Moser

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The people behind the scenes at Thos. Moser are what makes us tick. Below is but a small sampling of the cabinetmakers and others who work throughout the shop. Our customers often want to know who is the person behind the signature on their piece, so hopefully you may recognize a name or face but if not then please check back as we continue to add more.
Growing up in Chicago, Tom Moser learned to work with his hands from his father, a stereotyper for the Chicago Tribune. Tom's parents died when he was young, and at age 15 he dropped out of Northbrook High School to join the Air Force during the Korean War. While in high school, Tom met Mary Wilson, whom he married in 1957. Read More
Andy, the second eldest of the Mosers' four sons, came to the family business via the air force. After helping us design and build our shop in Auburn, he took over the restoration and repairs side of the business. Read More
"My grandfather, Joseph Moser, handmade a bookcase as a gift for his sister, Annie, in the 1920s. The design, which my dad, Tom, describes as an arts and crafts piece, then became his inspiration for the Windward Bookcase. With its smaller size and lightweight size, the piece is one of my favorites and is sure to become the favorite of an avid reader or someone who proudly displays memorabilia. While I have a Windward Bookcase in my home adorned with family photos, I hope to someday pass along the story and family history that comes with my grandfather's original." Read More
When not working at the shop I enjoy working with adoptive and foster children and their families at A Bend in the Road in Hartford, Read More
"The combination of detailed joinery in the Dr. White's Chest makes it a unique and special piece for me to make. When finished and then oiled and waxed, it's a stunning piece that becomes a family heirloom that will last for generations and can be used to store family treasures." Read More
Ramsy, who hails from Jamaica, has been with Moser since 2007. He was a cabinetmaker by trade before coming here, so his eye for detail and passion for the craft has only grown stronger. Read More
Glenn is one of our longest standing employees, spending the last 22+ years of his career here in the shop. Read More
Before I started here, I trained as a boat builder. So if I weren’t making furniture, I’d be building boats. Read More
On the weekends, I enjoy hunting treasure with my family at auctions, estate sales and yard sales. Read More
The Continuous Arm Rocker is one of the first pieces Bob made at Thos. Moser when he arrived in 1987. "There is a lot of craftsmanship in the chair you don't see," he says. "From the pommel of the seat to the design each layer of the tree makes and circular patterns it creates giving it a distinct look. And the contrast of the cherry seat with the ash wedges and spindles is really eye appealing - you just can't help but touch it." Read More
If you have place an order for Thos. Moser over the phone, then you may have spoken to Glenys, who has been managing our Customer Care Center for more than a decade. For Glenys and her dog, Wynne, a Sealyham Terrier, the simplicity of the High Stool coupled with its sculpted seat make this piece one of her favorites. Read More
It is a rarity nowadays to find someone who has spent the last twenty-plus years of his or her life working at the same job. It is even more uncommon to find over twenty people who share that longevity in the same workplace. Rich Foss is one such person Read More
All of our upholstered furniture makes a final stop with Carol and our upholstery team prior to being blanket wrapped and sent on its way to its new home. Read More
Tina spends her days building chairs and working with the upholstery team when needed. She has spent over thirteen years at Moser, coming from a position as a team leader at a slipper manufacturer. Tina is one of a handful of employees who gets to come to work with her spouse. Her husband Pat also works at Moser and is a chair maker. Read More
Anyone walking through the shop can quickly spot Lisa Howard - she usually has a king size bed propped up on her workbench and makes it look like no huge feat. Read More