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Unlike lacquer finishes, which mar permanently, our oil-and-wax finishes can be easily repaired and buffed to their original shine. Thos. Moser maintenance kits are available upon request. If you have a large job or would simply like our help, please call Customer Service for an estimate. We will make every effort to schedule a home visit by one of our professional craftsmen or an outside associate.

Thos. Moser Furniture Care Guide
Click the link above to download our furniture care guide (.pdf, 280kb).
The Natural Aging Process of Cherry
Thos. Moser furniture is principally built from premium-grade American black cherry. Sustainably harvested in the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania, our cherry is distinguished by its rich grain figures and a uniquely lustrous surface patina that deepens in color over time. Our hand-rubbed linseed oil and wax finishes, though labor-intensive, allow for this natural aging process which gives our pieces a beautiful and rich patina. Air and sunlight will color the cherry with a subtlety unmatched by anything that comes from a can. Beginning as light as the top sample shown at right, it reddens within weeks, and eventually acquires the rich color shown at the bottom.
Cherry aging samples, click to enlarge
Cherry aging samples, click to enlarge
When To Re-wax
The wax finish on your furniture is the woods protection against elements that can harm it. Frequency of waxing will depend on the amount and type of use your furniture receives. For example, a dining table will require more frequent waxing than a sideboard. Frequent dusting is recommended. Re-waxing every 3-6 months is considered good preventative care. A dining table used every day may need waxing every month. Again the type of use furniture receives will help determine the frequency of waxing. A basic rule of thumb: when the finish is dull and needs more luster it is probably time to re-wax.

Basic Waxing Technique
To bring back the original shine of our oil-and-wax finish, you will need some fine steel wool (0000 grade), hard furniture wax with carnuba (we recommend Boston Polish Paste Wax), and Super Fine Scotch Brite pads (white color, #7445). Take the following steps:

1. Lightly steel wool surface using 0000 steel wool; work in the direction of grain.
2. Apply an even coat of paste wax with the grain of the wood.
3. Lightly wipe wax using a super fine Scotch Brite Pad (White #7445) evening the film of wax, not removing it.
4. Run in the direction of the grain using constant light pressure.
5. Overlap each stroke.
6. Allow wax to set a few minutes.
7. Following the cleaning of surface, turn over the Scotch Brite Pad exposing the
unused surface and rub the surface clean.
8. Lightly buff the area with a soft cloth until surface feels smooth.

Our guarantee covers repairs due to workmanship or materials for purchases made after 1986. If you would like us to repair Thos. Moser furniture that has been accidentally damaged, we can estimate the cost and schedule a repair time. We regularly schedule repair runs in the Northeast and will make every effort to assist you if you live elsewhere. Please contact Customer Service for information.