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Ben's Favorite
The award-winning Pasadena Rocker - from our Pasadena collection by David Moser – is Ben Branscom’s favorite piece. The Thos. Moser Customer Service Manager describes this rocker as making a big, bold and amazingly popular design statement and perfect for gift giving:

“Far and away my favorite Thos. Moser collection, the Pasadena collection is an example of how David can take the core of the brand – solid wood, cherry, sculpture - and take things that are straight and make it curved and organic and not like anything else you see out there in the furniture world. He’s taken something so rigid and made it so fluid. As our largest scale rocker, this is an item that is not only comfortable but applicable to all shapes and sizes – contemporary and bold – making it a great present for anyone with a profound aesthetic conviction.

I have several traditions that were passed down to me that I cherish, especially during the holidays. One of my favorite holiday memories is sitting on my mother’s lap as a small child as she read the night before Christmas. Had she been seated in this rocker, I can imagine her reading might have been even more theatrical and impassioned.”