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Denny Favorite
For master cabinetmaker, Denny Bourgoin, the New Gloucester Rocker holds a special place in his heart: "I built a New Gloucester Rocker just in time for the birth of my daughter. Itís a really comfortable chair for extended sittings and was perfect to feed and rock her to sleep. Even now we never go a night without reading to her and then rocking her to sleep.

And during the holidays, the rocker brings out the spirit of the season in our home as we play Christmas music on the radio and rock. Itís nice knowing that it will be passed down to my daughter to be used by her family some day.

The New Gloucester Rocker truly is a great functional piece Ė and I recommend it as my favorite piece to give it to an expectant mother or to grandparents who can rock their grandkids when they come to visit Ė itís a great gift that will be used for generations to come.Ē

Denny's Story
Denny, dad to daughter Ridley, has spent the last eight-plus years working at the shop. He came to Moser from Bates Collegeís Athletic Department, (the same school that Tom taught at before starting the company), where he was an ice hockey, soccer and weight training coach. Denny stills spends the majority of his free time on the ice, just now as a referee of Division I college hockey games. At Moser, he focuses his time on building case pieces, and occasionally chairs and tables.

Denny has a collection of pieces that he has built for his house, but the most meaningful are the Edo Bench he built for his wife to use during their wedding ceremony and the New Gloucester Rocker he built to rock Ridley to sleep at night, completed just before her arrival.