Thos. Moser
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If you weren’t a craftsman at Thos. Moser, what would you be doing?
Designing, building, fabricating motorcycles, hot rods, from ground up to finished paint.

When you’re not working, what is your greatest source of enjoyment?
Just hanging out with family, my grandson, or taking a long day trip on the motorcycle on a nice, warm, sunny day.

What’s your favorite all-time song?
Mercury Blues, Steve Miller.
Glenn's Story
Glenn is one of our longest standing employees, starting his career here at the shop in 1988. He works primarily on building case pieces and finds the Crescent Sideboard & Hutch the toughest to build, but also among his all-time favorite of what we offer.

Prior to coming to Moser, Glenn worked at a laminate factory and finds great satisfaction working with his hands and seeing his creations come to life. Outside of work, Glenn is a huge motorcycle enthusiast and can be found riding when the weather in Maine is nice or building bikes in the off season.

Get a behind the scenes look at Glenn and some of his colleagues in this short video...