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It is a rarity nowadays to find someone who has spent the last twenty-plus years of his or her life working at the same job. It is even more uncommon to find over twenty people who share that longevity in the same workplace. Rich Foss is one such person. Here is how Rick describes his time here, in his own words...

I came to Thos. Moser in April 1984 looking for just another job. I was young and green, and frankly, didnít think this job was going to last. My work at Moser began with rasping arms for the iconic Continuous Arm Chair and drilling chair seats by hand. Then I moved on to build parts for various other pieces. After a few years, my focus shifted to helping integrate new items and projects into manufacturing I helped influence the design for manufacturing and built all of the jigs that streamlined the production process. That led to design and development, where I worked solely with Tom for about seven or eight years. With David Moser now leading the way, that process has grown into our prototype area.

In the spring of 1998, my role transitioned into production manager, responsible for overseeing and ensuring items were crafted correctly and on time for the delivery truck. Today, I am the manufacturing manager, overseeing the process from rough lumber to finished furniture and passing on my experiences to the next generation of skilled craftsmen.

My story is a true example of hard work paying off. What started as a job that I took on a whim has led to a twenty-five-year career with Thos. Moser. My longevity with the company can be credited to the great people Iíve worked with over the years, all who now have become part of my extended family.

I know that not everyone has had the opportunities that I have been afforded, so I try to encourage everyone I work with to get involved and be heard, so we can be a better company for the customers we serve.