Thos. Moser
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Ramsy, who hails from Jamaica, has been with Moser for three years. He was a cabinetmaker by trade before coming here, so his eye for detail and passion for the craft has only grown stronger. His primary focus in the shop is building beds, so its not uncommon to see a King size Vita Bed headboard perched up on his workbench ― luckily he stands about 6 5 tall, so he has no problem balancing such a piece up there to get to all of the tough angles.

Ramsy shares some great stories with his co-workers about Jamaican life and culture and finds many of the foods we eat here to be a little odd, especially pizza.

The ever-changing Maine weather and harsh winters have been an adjustment, but he spends his time wood carving on the side and is recently helping his oldest son get ready for college.