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December 28th, 2007
Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” While it is true that in a creative field like furniture-making a new design can sometimes emerge spontaneously, fully formed, it is far more common to be on the workbench for some time before the balance and the perfect form in one’s mind emerge.

Often, the more original the design, the longer the experimental process. It is our respect for this discipline that allowed David Moser the freedom to build and rebuild our new Pasadena Collection designs until he knew they were right. David began exploring the nuances of the chair form over a year ago using hand tools in combination with state-of-the-art technology to see what kind of movement he could coax out of solid cherry. His intent was to build a quintessentially functional Moser piece with edges and joints that literally flow, and sculptural surfaces that encourage the eye to roam. From that genesis, the entire Pasadena Collection evolved into its sculpted state.

We’ve been asked several times now, why did David name this new collection “Pasadena”?

The organic styling for this collection was originally inspired by the organic forms that were being done in California in the 60s and 70s…Sam Maloof was probably the most notable name in that group. David Moser made several trips to that area around the time he first started developing what would become the Pasadena Chair more than a year and a half or so ago, and as a result he started using the name very early on in the development process. Also, it was about that time that we starting seriously considering a new showroom location in southern California, so the synergy that this could create was apparent even then and the name stuck. It just so happens that the opening of our new Los Angeles showroom and the launch of the Pasadena Collection have worked out to be happening at about the same time.
Click to view the Pasadena Collection
Click to view the Pasadena Collection