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February 1st, 2007
In their January, 2007 issue, Wood Digest magazine explores the heritage and evolution of the Thos. Moser design aethestic with second generation furniture designer David Moser.

In her article titled The Evolution of an Aesthetic, writer Jackie Roembke explores with David the fundamental design influences, both intentional and otherwise, that have come to define The Moser Look.

Wood Digest magazine is a monthly publication that provides global coverage of technical advances in equipment and supplies to assist its readers in overcoming productivity challenges. Regular editorial features include informative in-plant case histories showcasing successful reader-manufacturers.

Below is an expert, for the full article please click here to visit Wood Digest online:

Moser believes designs are a lot like currency: It only has value if it’s in circulation. “If you look at design as if it were on a continuum, the best you can do is reach back to the past, take influence, and add your own perspective and make it better,” he says. “And what’s interesting about doing add-on collections is the inspiration that I seek doesn’t necessarily come from the outside world.”

Moser explains that his most successful line (Bungalow) was, in his mind, not successful based solely on sales, but because it also afforded him a whole new body of knowledge, which before the creation of the line, he had not possessed. “You don’t know what you don’t know,” he says.

“And as soon as you overcome that hurdle, you know, an intellectual barrier, that design and that design’s vocabulary and aesthetic becomes part of your vocabulary. That is also a whole body of knowledge that a designer can draw on and add to that continuum. So it’s not just external designers that I look at; it’s even our own work.”