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A follow up to the previous collection launch of Hartford living collection, we've added a dresser as a companion to the Foreside bed and mirror. When considering the starting point for the design of a dresser to align with the aesthetic of Foreside, the Hartford details kept floating to the surface. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we've taken the salient elements from the Hartford media case and reworked them into a dresser form; both vertical in orientation and horizontal. Like the living collection, the intention of the design is to embody and magnify all things Thos. Moser; a dedication to functionally driven objects, formal simplicity, the characteristic elimination of ornament, use and celebration of traditional materials and woodworking techniques -all with an emphasis on craftsmanship.

Our advanced technology and machining capabilities have elevated what is possible in craft. These design of this collection aims to embrace these capabilities and define 'visible joinery' in a new way with the collection's hallmark joint. The joint occurs at many intersections throughout the collection and is the result of a solid or steam bent piece being turned and mortised on the 5 axis CNC machine - a part otherwise difficult and inefficient to create. The hairline reveal serves to amplify the subtly of the joint and draw attention to the intersection itself.

Aiming to fit in a context that feels simple and modern, the opportunity to influence a wide variety of environments seems achievable.

The Hartford Dresser is an example of letting function dictate form. Designed simply as a case to satisfy a variety of functions with its primary use assumed to be the storage of clothing, etc., its generic nature speaks to its versatility as a piece of furniture. Once again, the nuances of the piece are what define it - particularly the leg to rail detail and the drawer and door pull cut-outs. These details are consistent through the collection, thereby serving to connect it visually to its companion pieces while simultaneously helping to define its uniqueness.
Part of the Hartford Collection. See also: Foreside Bed, Foreside Mirror
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